The Truth Behind Supple® Products

If you suffer from joint problems and have done research on the internet, then you are probably feeling very confused. There are hundreds of products that promise all kinds of relief for all kinds of joint conditions. A number of companies are even taking advantage of consumers by developing fake product review sites that give the appearance of being independent, but in the end, promote their product as the preferred solution. Several of these companies also quote clinical trials that allegedly "prove" that their products work. However, no significant clinical evidence is often available that is widely accepted by the international medical community to support their product claims. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has established new rules that have made this type of false testimonial and review advertising illegal across the board. Until the FTC has successfully cleaned up this problem, we will be making every effort to educate consumers about the truth behind Supple products and things to look out for when searching for evidence-based solutions.

We want to help you be as informed and educated as possible about the Supple® program. Supple® products should be seriously considered as the potential foundation of your evidence-based solution to your joint problems.

"Do Supple® products really work?"

Yes. Yes. And yes. The primary ingredients in Supple® products are 1,500 mg of vegetarian glucosamine, and 1,200 mg of bovine chondroitin. These are the internationally studied agents that have the most extensive volume of human clinical trials behind them, accumulated over the past two decades. If you'd like to read the studies for yourself, click here, for a list of the most prominent papers. You will find that no other ingredient combination offers as much promise for your joint health as does a pharmaceutical strength of glucosamine and bovine chondroitin.

"Beware of bogus doctors and bogus research."

There is no better way to advocate for your own health than to do your own research. Beware of websites that feature original "breakthrough" research without giving you any more details. Call the company and ask for the actual research papers and read them. See if the papers have been published in reputable peer-reviewed journals. A significant amount of research is paid for by the companies marketing their products, results are often fixed, and results are often not peer-reviewed or respected by the medical community.

Beware of "doctors" giving their "expert" medical advice. These are frequently biased and uneducated opinions. We've found that most of these "doctors" often don't even exist, or are nutritionists or naturopaths who are not qualified to give you sophisticated joint health advice. Ask for credentials. If they give you the run-around, think twice about making that purchase.

"What's special about Supple® products? Why can't I buy the same stuff at the store?"

The answer's simple. It's all about quality and having the right source of ingredients. Because glucosamine and chondroitin are dietary supplements in the United States, they are not defined and are generally unregulated. There is a huge problem with products not meeting label claims, delivering dosages that have not been clinically proven effective, and even adding in fake ingredients to make you think you're buying more. Even the National Institutes of Health has acknowledged in published research in the New England Journal of Medicine that all glucosamine and chondroitin is not the same. In fact, brands can vary between 0% and 115% of their labeled claims! Even batch-to-batch consistency is not guaranteed. Click here for the relevant independent research cited by the National Institutes of Health to learn more about this problem.

Supple® products deliver chondroitin from the same manufacturer (Bioiberica) exclusively selected by the National Institutes of Health to provide pharmaceutical strength and clinically proven bovine chondroitin for inclusion in its large study of glucosamine and chondroitin (the GAIT trial). The vegetarian glucosamine in Supple® products comes from the largest private company in the United States with over $120 billion in sales, Cargill. So you can be sure you're buying the same strength of ingredients that have been clinically proven effective when you buy Supple products. Every batch of Supple® products is independently verified by the most respected, third-party laboratories using the most rigorous testing methodologies to ensure that each serving delivers 100% of labeled claims and 100% of the highest quality, clinically proven effective ingredients available.

"Is bovine chondroitin necessary for my joint health?"

This is a very common question. If you look at joint health products available in stores, you'll notice that many have very little, if any, chondroitin and that most products do not state the source of their chondroitin. Why is this? Chondroitin can come from many sources including pigs, birds, sharks, and cows. However, the only source of chondroitin that has been clinically proven effective comes from BOVINE (cow) sources and this chondroitin is very expensive. Most brands deliver chondroitin from unproven sources, skimp on the amount delivered, and include a lower cost version from Asia that has not been clinically tested or proven effective. What you MUST understand is that 1,200 mg of BOVINE chondroitin is an ESSENTIAL part of joint health rehabilitation. Click here for the volumes of studies that have proven the efficacy of BOVINE chondroitin. All of these studies were done using pharmaceutical strength BOVINE chondroitin from the same manufacturer (Bioiberica) that provides chondroitin for Supple® products. Bioiberica CSb™ chondroitin is the only chondroitin that has been clinically proven effective and that is prescribed by doctors around the world. Any brand that has done its research and truly cares about delivering clinically proven ingredients will provide a full 1,200 mg of pure BOVINE chondroitin from Bioiberica, adjusted for moisture.

"How about all the 'Exclusive Blend' joint health products? Aren't they more sophisticated?"

This is very critical… so give it a lot of thought. When it comes to looking at other products, try supplements that have legitimate research behind them. Use a brand that is honest and clear about what it contains… don't fall for the "proprietary blend," "exclusive blend," "complex" or "patented" scams. These are all just marketing ploys to make their products sound unique and valuable and to make claims about ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin without delivering clinically proven effective dosages or ingredient sources. Think about it this way, drug companies have to fully disclose every chemical and dose in their products. Why shouldn't dietary supplement companies be required to do the same? You should be fully aware of WHAT you're taking and HOW MUCH of it you're taking. Your body and your wallet deserve it!

"Where are Supple® products made?"

Everyone's heard of products with tainted, fake and cheap ingredients imported from overseas, especially from Asia. Companies have learned that in order to make more profit, getting the cheapest ingredients is key; and so they go to Asia for their sources. Supple, LLC has a different philosophy -- only deliver products that have the same strength of ingredients that have been extensively clinically tested and proven effective and that are accepted as a first-line standard of care by the international medical community for specific conditions.

Supple® products are made in the United States in FDA approved GMP compliant manufacturing facilities. Supple products' chondroitin comes from US derived bovine trachea refined by Bioiberica, the only company whose chondroitin has been clinically proven effective and that is prescribed by doctors throughout the world. The shellfish-free vegetarian glucosamine in Supple® products is made in the US by our country's largest private company with over $120 billion in revenues, Cargill. Supple® products' antioxidant formula also has only the highest quality USP vitamins and minerals. There is no way to offer and guarantee greater quality!

"What about products that claim to be superior to glucosamine or chondroitin?"

No such supplements exist. We challenge you to find a single legitimate, comparative study that shows that any of the hundreds of supplements out there are superior to the pharmaceutical grade glucosamine and chondroitin offered by the Supple company. You may see claims like "6X more effective than glucosamine" but what you won't find is an actual study that has done this comparison. Often these brands do research on their own products, manipulate the study design so the results are guaranteed before the studies even take place, and compare those results to previous studies on glucosamine and chondroitin. This is not a truthful way of interpreting the value of a product. It's misleading and plain wrong.

Competing brands may state that their product is "far superior" or "clinically more effective," but offer no evidence. In addition to their "proprietary ingredients," some even offer a little bit of glucosamine or chondroitin in their product just to be able to make a label claim. But remember, it must be 1,500 mg of pharmaceutical strength glucosamine and 1,200 mg of pharmaceutical strength BOVINE chondroitin from Bioiberica, or it's just not the real deal.

Bottom line: Rely on your own intelligence and legitimate research when making decisions about how to optimize your joint health.

"Is the Supple® product guarantee real?"

Supple, LLC definitely stands behind its guarantee. Everyone's body is different and it takes time for everyone to feel full benefits. Try a Supple® product for a full 48 days before you make a final decision. Be proactive about your health. Incorporate stretching and strength training exercises outlined in our recommended books to help you rehabilitate the muscular problems that are causing you pain. If you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund of your purchase price, less processing and handling, if you notify us within 30 days of the receipt of your order. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Peter Apatow
Patient Advocate and CEO
Supple, LLC

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